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New month, new songs, new everything!

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New month, new songs, new everything!

Hi everyone. Ok it is August now, and that means we have one more month to enjoy the summer in New York! I love how this city comes alive in the summer, especially after we had that horrible, snowy winter. It certainly takes a little while to get used to the heat but once you know the proper ways to cool down, there is just no better place to spend the summer than New York.

Last Friday I slept in nice and late and then bought some books from that guy who sells really great used books on the street outside of the Bedford L stop in Williamsburg. I spent about four hours sitting in McCarren Park just reading and enjoying myself, watching people play softball, drinking lots of water, petting people’s dogs, and just generally people watching. Then after I felt I had sufficiently relaxed and had a fair amount of alone time, I called up some friends and we headed into the Village for the usual weekend antics.

When we got to Boho West4 somebody was singing an old Oasis song that really brought me back. Sing along time! We didn’t get a private room this time but there was a lot of commotion coming from that direction; a bachelorette party that was getting rowdy! All in all it was a really fun night. I went ahead and took some pictures while I was there, you can look at them on Facebook by clicking here. you should go ahead and “like” us while you are at it.

Since I’m on the whole social networking topic, we are trying to ramp up our online social networking community and want you to be a part of it. So after you have liked us on facebook I think you should also follow us on twitter. You can do that by clickinghere. I also posted the photos on flickr and if you want to see those plus all of our other photos from both West 4th and Orchard you can click here.

So since it is now August we have posted our new songs. Be sure to click on “song list” to see what is up now. Do you have any requests that we don’t already have? Please let us know as we are always eager to update our library with what people want to sing.

lastly I just found this music video on youtube, have any of you seen it? It is Cee-Lo Green covering a Band of Horses song and the video is so good! Parts may be NSFW so please use caution before opening. You can watch it here

Okay everybody now get off the couch, get off the computer, don’t go to the fridge and idly look for some food to eat, get out! We have a great happy hour at Boho and the AC is always on. Come visit us!

Until next time…